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PHIFER with its presence in more than 120 countries is the world’s largest manufacturer of Mosquito nets & Insect Screens. With a chain of exclusive showrooms, Phifer branded Mosquito meshes are available in various fitment options to suit all kind of budgets.

Why choose Phifer ?

  1. Quality Commitment
  2. Innovator & solution provider
  3. World’s largest brand in segment
  4. We protect homes & families
  5. Easy to maintain

The Phifer Advantage

  1. Multiple options in fitment systems
  2. Durability & longevity
  3. Excellent after sales support
  4. Unique product range
  5. Aesthetically finished fitments

Mosquito Net Fitment

Phifer has Mosquito protection systems for any type of Doors & Windows and to suit all kind of budgets. Without compromising the aesthetics of the interiors, Phifer’s various Mosquito net fitment options stop Mosquitoes from entering your living spaces at all. Phifer’s meshes aid in good ventilation of air and outward visibility. As an added bonus, Phifer’s meshes also reduces the amount of dust entering your home. Phifer offers meshes in Fiber-glass, Aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel & bronze that could be fixed in ten types of fitment options.

Mosquito Net for Windows

  1. Ace Window Mosquito Net Fitment
  2. Roll System Mosquito Net Fitment
  3. Glide Fit Mosquito Net Fitment
  4. Crease Fit Pleated Mosquito Net Fitment
  5. Box Frame Mosquito Net Fitment

Mosquito Net for Doors

  1. Ace Door Fitment
  2. Barrier Free Door Fitment

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