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Non woven synthetic carpets synthetic are machine weaved carpets with a silk feel. They may be designed and patterned in the same way as a silk carpet and present the same aesthetic values. They may be finely knotted with 250 or more knots per square inch. For the purpose of making these carpets, six types of synthetic yarns may be used:

Nylon: This is the most popular synthetic carpet fiber. It offers tremendous value, performance, and ease of maintenance. Nylon provides brilliant plain colors and handles soil and traffic well.

Polypropylene (Olefin): This fiber is extremely popular in Berbers and level loops. These carpets are highly stain, static, mold, and mildew resistant and can be easily used as indoor or outdoor (dry area) carpeting.

Polyester: Though polyester lacks the durability of nylon, it offers better color clarity and a soft feel to the carpet.

Acrylic: It gives a real colour appeal. It is used mainly with in level loops in carpet making.


Just like for natural fibers, synthetic fibers there are several ways to make carpet from yarn: Tufting, weaving, knitting, needle punching, fusion bonding, and flocking.


The Trend range of fiber bonded non-woven carpet sets new standards incost effectiveness, durability and aesthetics. TREND carpets are a product of a modern, fully integrated non woven imported plant. They offer several unique features, excellent fiber bonding through total impregnation, high resistance to stains, antistatic properties, very good thermal and insulation properties and the widest range of Colours. Size of these non-woven carpet would be 20 mtr x 2 mtr Roll. Carpets come in tile form also.


For wall-to-wall application, the carpet should be laid on a clean, dry and even surface to avoid undue wear. Full application of adhesive is strongly recommended.


Use of vacuum Cleaner is recommended, or use a soft brush. Professional shampoo washing can also be done.