As outdoor living becomes a rapidly growing lifestyle phenomenon, outdoor flooring is emerging as an intimate element of outdoor living. You are almost always in contact with it. Consequently, you ask a lot from it. There are so many reasons to love EGO Deck Tiles.

But we chose to highlight a few below :

  1. Easy installation. The fast and easy snap-together design makes installation a couple of hours - not days.
  2. No tools and no skills required. Say goodbye to hammers, nails, glues, or any heavy-duty capentry tools.
  3. Versatile Tiles go everywhere, on the balcony, surrounding the pool, basement floor, almost anywhere
  4. Durable hardwood. Tiles are made from beautiful hardwood that resists to weather, moistrure, mildew.
  5. Drainage. Wood slats permit water to flow through, while plastic feet elevate for drying airflow.
  6. Replaceable. Damaged tile in the middle of your floor can be easily swapped out with a new tile.
  7. Get personal. You can easily rearrange the tiles create various patterns to show off your personal style.

The tiles can be installed over any floor with a relatively flat surface. Balcony decks, Roof top decks, Front porches, Surrounding pool decks, Surrounding spas decks, Surrounding hot tub decks, Sunroom, Backyard decks, Walkways.

The heart of Deck Tile is a durable plastic base at the bottom of the tile. The plastic base has two specific functions: (1) Elevate the tiles above the ground to make it outdoor usable, and (2) Connect the tiles together via the unique connection points on the tile edges.

The plastic bases are pre-attached to the wood surface with high-quality screws. Deck Tiles are easy to install. Each tile has connection points along its edges. To connect two tiles together, position the connection points along the entire edges, apply downward pressure using your hand on the connection points until all of the connection points are snapped together. Since you only snap the tiles together, on average covering a 15x15 SQFT area takes about an hour. That's all. No messy glue, no nail, no hammer.

Remember to coat Deck Wood Oil yearly once after every rainy season, as natural wood needs special care every year to better the life of the product. Deck floor can be easily washed with garden hose. No heavy duty compressor wash / scrubbing to be done as it may wash out the oil contents from the natural wood.

Different species are available in composite wood and real wood - Ipe, Malaysian Teak, Merbau, Oak, etc...