Artificial Turf Grass Bangalore Kochi & Hyderabad


We are one of the most trusted Flooring contarctors in Bangalore ,Our premium synthetic lawns use the finest synthetic lawn on the market, Golden Bear Turf™, an aptly named product that simulates the look, feel and performance natural grass and ill make your home or commercial landscape the envy of your neighbors. Our synthetic lawns are built to remain perfect in any weather conditions, and require little or no maintenance. That means your job isn’t to water, mow, or fertilize… only enjoy.

Hot, cold, wet, and dry climates are no match for our synthetic grass. Golden Bear Turf is not only built for disparate weather conditions but also for heavy use in high traffic areas. Rarely if ever will you find a product whose aesthetic beauty is matched only by its durability. And because there is no watering you can expect to lower water bills while you conserve a precious resource.

The beauty and durability of our greens is something you’ll be experiencing sooner rather than later thanks to the quickness and ease of the installation process. Our professionals have designed and installed thousands of synthetic greens in every corner of the world, and will work with you to design a green whose slopes, contours, and maximum drainage accentuates your lawn and landscape. And when they’re finished you’ll enjoy a consistent surface that gives you a softer feel and superior “spring-back.”

In case you were wondering, our Golden Bear Turf synthetic grass is indeed the same surface used on our industry leading putting greens. From greens and tee boxes to chipping areas, lawns, outdoor restaurants, horse shot pits, athletic facilities, and even roadway medians, name the application and our synthetic grass can not only call it home call it home but also make it better.

Parents will be excited to know that Greens turf offer a safer environment than natural grass. Our synthetic grass safeguards against injury by supplying a smooth and even surface and rubberized underlayments used to lessen the impact from falls.

Not only is beautiful and durable, it also comes in a variety of styles and multiple infill options.


Parents and school administrators are always on the lookout for a safe environment in which children can play, and our turf products provide just such a safe and comfortable surface for playground areas, common areas, and backyards.

Built for long lasting durability, our synthetic turf is the perfect low maintenance, water conserving surface for high traffic areas and the pounding kids can dish out. Furthermore, the consistency and predictability of our turf along with its imperviousness to weather conditions makes it far safer than natural grass. We also use rubberized underlayments to lessen the impact of an unexpected fall, allowing kids to run, jump, tumble, and have fun. In other words to be kids!

Our synthetic turf is the highest grade turf on the market and maintains the look, feel, and performance of real grass year-round. We can make our turf conform to any desired slopes and contours, and because drainage is at a premium and moisture build-up isn’t a factor, kids can pursue the activities they love year-round. And because there is no mowing, watering, or fertilizing required your maintenance responsibilities will be at a minimum.